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Hierarchy: Burn! Kill! Destroy! and Rebuild​.​.​.

by Kentin Jivek

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Hierarchy 04:36
Hierarchie humaine Hierarchie animale Hierarchie vegetale Hierarchie minérale Burn, kill destroy and rebuild… Hierachie naturelle Hierarchie salutaire Hierarchie urbaine Hierarchie alimentaire Hiérarchie tentaculaire Burn, kill destroy and rebuild…
Saturn with a smile Spinning in the void He’s the lord of the rings Saturn is laughing As we gaze upon the shinning light Saturn is laughing all through the night As it merrily sings As we listen to Saturn ‘s laugh and sing Let saturn’s laugh and sing Let Saturn sets you free With rings of ice And noons so bright Saturn is laughing
Des orgues en réunion solennelles dans une île chahutée par les torrents du ciel Le premier mystère... Est-ce que les situations s'inversent? Maître devenus esclaves les esclaves devenus maîtres Volontaire emprisonné volontaire Ce jour où la nuit est devenue jour… avec l'empreinte du vent
Bercé par son propre souffle Le silence du contentement pour le renonçant Le contenu doit rester silencieux Les mots restent suspendus car ils n’en peuvent déjà plu Et on passera à un autre puis un autre et un autre… Une certaine réticence et un seul regard peut tuer Observé les choses avec un regard détaché comme un observateur lointain et émerveillé Renoncé à l'immensité du dehors Est-ce une erreur? Oui mais pas encore
Birds know everything With wings that soar and eyes that survey They witness the world from high above And in their songs, they share their love They know the secrets of the land The hidden treasures and the shifting sands The ebb and flow of the ocean's tide And where the rainbow ends, they'll abide They see the world with clarity and grace In every season, every time and place They watch the cycles of the earth And know the value of each life and birth In their songs, they share their wisdom Their melodies lift us to a kingdom Where everything is clear and bright And we can find our own insight So listen closely to the birds' sweet tunes And let their wisdom fill your afternoons For in their songs, you'll find the key To unlock the secrets of life's mystery. Birds have been the witness of time Through every era and every climb Their wings have flown across the ages And watched as history turned its pages They saw the world when it was new And watched as humans built their view They saw the rise and fall of empires And how the land was shaped by fires Birds know the secrets of the world From the mysteries of the universe swirled To the depths of the oceans below And the winds that blow where they go Their songs have echoed through the ages A timeless melody that never fades And in their flight, they tell a tale Of a world that's vast and never stale So listen closely to their song And let their wisdom guide you along For in their eyes, you'll see the past And the secrets of the world that last


*This 4 tracks were recorded in 432hz and inspired by the decadent rome.

*Each track was recorded with the objective to keep three instruments: the voice, the guitar and the modular synth.

*The use of headphones/earphones is hugely recommended as it was recorded in stereo with various presets in order to put in light the low frequencies and the fusion of the guitar with modular synths.

*"Birds know everything" Bonus Track included in the digital version.

Looking for a label interested in releasing this ep in 45 tours (45rpm) = 7 pouces (inch) - thanks for dropping a line.


released March 25, 2023


all rights reserved



Kentin Jivek Paris, France

K.Jivek is a French Songwriter And Composer based in Paris.
His style focuses on Folk and Ambient music, mixed with analog sound experiments.

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